Translation Notes

The five translations that I have here posted are all that I have currently been able to recover.  I also did complete translations of the Anglo-Saxon poems “Deor“, “Elene“, and both fragments of “Waldere“. In addition, I also started a translation of the Anglo-Saxon “Genesis” (approximately the first 100 lines of the Genesis A text), but didn’t complete the entire work.  Unfortunately, my original WordPerfect 5.1 files for these translations were lost in a computer crash around 1995 and I was only able to recover the five translations here posted (which happened to have been saved on an older floppy disk). The good news is that I believe I still have hard copies of those translations somewhere; the bad news is, that somewhere is probably my cluttered basement.  I hope to recover these translations sometime, but as to when I can’t say.  But when that does happen, I intend to post them here as well.  And who knows; maybe I’ll even complete that “Genesis” translation (and perhaps push on to the rest of the Anglo-Saxon poetic corpus).