Review: Darth Maul Shadow Hunter, by Michael Reaves

(Originally posted on Amazon 4/12/2003)

darth maul

Essentially, this novel is one long chase through the bowels of Coruscant, as Darth Maul attempts to track down and destroy a con artist and a Jedi/Padawan pair who have stumbled onto some very important information regarding impending plans by the series villains (as it happens, the invasion of Naboo). As an anti-hero Darth Maul is somewhat engaging if rather single-minded and humorless, and his pursuit of his quarry is actually quite interesting. But the highlight of this novel are the actions of those he is pursuing. From the moment Darth Maul is on their tail you know how this will end (after all, we’ve seen The Phantom Menace), but of course the characters don’t know that and how they meet the threat from Maul is actually quite heroic. I don’t want to spoil the ending, of course, but I will say that Maul does not come out of this as victorious as you might think, and there is a sliver of hope for the forces of good. But in the mean time there is Maul with that vicious two-bladed lightsaber of his in the way, and believe me you don’t want to be in HIS way.

Overall, a nicely done bit of spaghetti space-western.

4 Stars out of 5 Stars