Review: Teen Titans, Vol. 4: The Future is Now, by Geoff Johns

(Originally published on Amazon 12/7/2005)

future is now

This is the fourth volume reprinting Geoff Johns’ version of Teen Titans, and it may very well be the strongest trade release to date.

Two outstanding stories are reprinted here, “Titans of Tomorrow” and “Lights Out”. T-o-T (as its become affectionately known) sees the current Teen Titans winding up ten years into their future, a dark and grim one where they have nearly all turned evil. Not only is this a cracking good story, but it also lays a large number of hints as to both the Titans possible futures and the current mega-crossover event series, Infinite Crisis. So if you want to know where the DC universe is heading in the next few years, this story offers some very big clues.

The other major story, “Lights Out”, will be a major eye opener for fans of the animated series. The main villain is perrenial favorite Dr. Light — except, he’s no longer a “moron” (Green Arrow’s description in Identity Crisis), but a major league super villain who can quite easily take on even the best the superhero world can throw at him. It’s an awesome story, as a number of current and former Titans band together to try to stop him, and quite nearly get their behinds handed to them by the villain they’ve all dismissed for so long.

If you’ve had your doubts about Geoff Johns’ run, this is the volume that should erase them. Johns has truly brought the Titans into the 21st century with these stories. Barely a year old, both of these tales are already being hailed by long time Teen Titans fans as classics. Buy this collection. You won’t regret it.

5 Stars out of 5 Stars