Various and Sundry

Well, I think I have now posted all the various reviews I’m willing to see reposted.  There’s actually a few more on Amazon that I skipped, but most of those are either too short to bother with or (for whatever reason) I think need a serious rewrite before I’m willing to archive them here. I think I’m going to mull it over before I decide whether to spend the effort to make them satisfactory or not.

In general things, by now everyone has heard that New Horizons had a computer glitch on Saturday that put it into safe mode. Some people seem to think that the Pluto encounter is now in serious jeopardy. Relax. Galileo had a similar problem days before it was scheduled to enter Jupiter orbit (not to mention major problems with its primary antennae), and those problems were worked out long before it settled into orbit. The problem New Horizons encountered seems to have been resolved and the spaceship looks to be in good shape for its Pluto encounter in 9 days. In fact, JPL now says normal operations will resume on Tuesday. So everything is still looking good for Pluto close approach.

Right now I’m trying to finish up my reading for this year’s Hugo Awards.  So far I’ve been mostly enjoying the nominees this year (moreso in some categories than those from recent years, at any rate) and am still trying to decide how I’m going to vote in several cases. And No, I am not going to talk about the whole Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies controversy here. Frankly, I think its been done to death by now, and the only thing left is to vote your conscience. I’ll probably post my final ballot here when I decide, and perhaps some commentary about why I voted the way I did. But anything more than that… guys, its a literary award with voting rules not much different than a popularity contest. On the grand scheme of things, it means jack shit. There are more important events going on in the world to get all bent out of shape over.

Last… now that I’ve posted all the reviews I’m willing to own up to (for the moment), my attention is going to be on my fiction. I’m still trying to sift through the myriad of stories I’ve worked on over the years. Some are finished; most are not. I’ve got an embarassingly large amount of fanfiction (Doctor Who, mostly; some Teen Titans, some various anime-related), and many, many odds and ends. I’m trying to decide which — if any — are worth posting here. So be forewarned: I’m going to subject you all to my writing, even the stuff I think is terrible. My intent for this blog is to cover my attempts, as anemic as they may be, to both improve my writing and to (hopefully, eventually) become a professional writer. I’ve got a long way to go, tho. Maybe I’ll make it, maybe I won’t. But I certainly won’t do it sitting back and wishing.

Going to sleep now. Too tired to compose any more.