Driveabout 2015

Driveabout: Its like going on Walkabout, but with air conditioning and without actually using your feet.

My boys and I are hitting the road starting this Friday. First destination will be San Antonio, Texas, because my son Liam has been bugging me for months to visit The Alamo (my other son, Martin, says he doesn’t care where we go, “just so long as we get away from here”). Beyond that, we’ll be bumming around the Southwest for a week before winding up at a friend’s house in Pasadena, California, then head up the coast to visit family in Oregon. The whole trip will culminate in a visit to Sasquan, aka the 73rd Annual WorldCon, in Spokane, Washington. So it looks like I’m going to be on the road for the next 6-7 weeks. Really, really looking forward to it. And yes, I do hope to be blogging along the way. So expect vacation shots. Lots and lots of vacation shots.

In the meantime, I have to get ready. Clothes to clean and pack, camping gear to get out of storage, a vehicle to stuff full of enough necessities to survive “in the wild” for almost two months. Which is why I haven’t been putting much work into this blog.  Hopefully that will change when I hit the road; I tend to do a lot of writing in my head when I’m on long trips behind the wheel, and for me there’s nothing quite like the American West to kick my writing muses into full gear.