New Horizons Back on Line. UPDATE: New image posted by NASA

New Horizons appears to be working again. As Wired’s website put it, the upcoming encounter made the spacecraft so excited it essentially passed out. But JPL seems to have fixed the problem, and everything looks good for the next week.

Latest images are starting to show features:

pluto july2

And here’s the above laid out as a map. This is all of what we currently know concerning Pluto’s surface details:

pluto map

Both images courtesy of NASA. By this time next week we should be seeing images millions of times clearer than these. Exciting times.


JPL & NASA have released a new color image of Pluto, taken 7/8/2015:

pluto 3

This image is already a huge improvement over the image they released yesterday.  New Horizons is currently 5 Million miles away from Pluto.