My Hugo Awards Vote

Well, after weeks of reading and a fair amount of thought, I am finally ready to submit my final votes for this years Hugo Awards, to be awarded at Sasquan (WorldCon 73) in just a few weeks.

Here are my rankings:

Best Novel

  1. Skin Game, by Jim Butcher
  2. Three Body Problem, by Cixin Liu (translated by Ken Liu)
  3. The Dark Between the Stars, by Kevin J. Anderson
  4. Ancillary Sword, by Ann Leckie
  5. The Goblin Emperor, by Katherine Addison

This was actually something of a hard decision, as I really liked Three Body Problem. But in the end, I gave it to Skin Game because, simply, I was more entertained by it (tho frankly, I expect Three Body Problem to win). The Dark Between the Stars was fine, but because its heavily based on KJA’s previous Saga of the Seven Suns series, I can understand why some would downgrade it – especially if they haven’t read that series. Ancillary Sword was better than last year’s Ancillary Justice, but I’m still finding that series mostly “meh”. The Goblin Emperior was the only book of the bunch I wasn’t all that thrilled with; its a palace procedural that wallows in the Byzantine mechanations of court politics, and not much else.

Best Novella

  1. Big Boys Don’t Cry, by Tom Kratman
  2. The Plural of Helen of Troy, by John C. Wright
  3. Flow, by Arlan Andrews, Sr.
  4. One Bright Star to Guide Them, by John C. Wright
  5. Pale Realms of Shade, by John C. Wright

Nothing much to say here except Tom Kratman’s story blew me away.  The rest were good but not as good.

Best Novelette

  1. The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale, by Rajnar Vajra
  2. The Journeyman in the Stone House, by Michael F. Flynn
  3. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium, by Gray Rinehart
  4. Championship B’Tok, by Edward M. Lerner
  5. The Day the World Turned Upside Down, by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

I’ve been reading Rajnar Vajra off and on in the pages of Analog for some time, and I’ve enjoyed everything he’s written. The others were generally fine, tho I did have a problem with “Championship B’Tok” as it frequently felt like the abridged version of a much longer story.

Best Short Story

  1. A Single Samuraii, by Steven Diamond
  2. Totaled, by Kary English
  3. The Parliament of Beasts and Birds, by John C. Wright
  4. Turncoat, by Steve Rzasa
  5. On a Spiritual Plain, by Lou Antonelli

Personally, I thought the choices in this catagory were a vast improvement over last years ballot, but were still overall the weakest of the literature nominations. The only real clunker to me was “On A Spiritual Plain”, which I frankly came close to ranking below No Award.

Best Related Work

  1. The Hot Equations: Thermodynamics and Military SF, by Ken Burnside
  2. Transhuman and Subhuman: Essays on Science Fiction and the Awful Truth, by John C. Wright
  3. No Award

Best Graphic Story

  1. Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal, by G. Willow Wilson, illustrated by Adrian Alphona and Jake Wyatt
  2. Saga Volume 3, by Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples
  3. No Award

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)

  1. Interstellar
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Captain America: Winter Soldier
  4. Lego Movie
  5. Edge of Tomorrow

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)

  1. The Flash: Pilot
  2. Doctor Who: Listen
  3. Game of Thrones: The Mountain and the Viper
  4. Grimm: Once We Were Gods
  5. No Award

Best Professional Editor (Short Form)

No vote (Didn’t know enough to feel comfortable voting in this catagory)

Best Professional Editor (Long Form)

  1. Toni Weisskopf
  2. No Award

I gave Toni Weisskopf a vote based on her fantastic work at Baen. But other than her, I know next to nothing about the editorial catagories and as such did not feel comfortable voting in them.

Best Professional Artist

No vote (Didn’t know enough to feel comfortable voting in this catagory)

Best Semiprozine

  1. Andromeda Spaceways
  2. Beneath Ceaseless Skies
  3. Abyss & Apex
  4. Lightspeed Magazine
  5. Strange Horizons

Best Fanzine

  1. Journey Planet
  2. Elitist Book Reviews
  3. The Revenge of Hump Day
  4. Tangent Online

Best Fancast

  1. The Sci Phi Show
  2. Adventures in SciFi Publishing
  3. Dungeon Crawlers Radio
  4. Tea and Jeopardy
  5. Galactic Suburbia

Best Fan Writer

  1. Dave Freer
  2. Amanda S. Green
  3. Cedar Sanderson
  4. Jeffro Johnson
  5. Laura J. Mixon

Best Fan Artist

No vote (Didn’t know enough to feel comfortable voting in this catagory)

John W. Campbell Award

  1. Jason Cordova
  2. Kary English
  3. Rolf Nelson
  4. Wesley Chu
  5. Eric S. Raymond